Monday, October 27, 2008

cheap hosting V/S traditional hosting

When i started out making websites, as always is the tendancy i started looking for the cheapest web hosting options on the internet. I checked various websites and my google queries often said “$1/mo web hosting”. I knew there will be people like me looking for cheap web hosting companies and hence there will be cheap web hosting companies around to cater to the market demand of people in need of cheap web hosting; people like me!

While searching, i just typed web hosting on Ebay and viola; there were loads and loads of “cheap” web hosting companies out there. I obviously was happy and was very eager to get my site up and running and hence immidiately paid the money and got my account setup and believe me; that was end of all the happiness. Then after that, i faced a lot of problems like frequent downtimes from 6 hours to 4 days to my site getting hacked and defaced by hackers and many such problems.

So, here are a couple of reasons why you shouldnt be buying a web hosting from a cheap web hosting provider.

Frequent Downtimes: When i was hosting my site(not this one) i had many downtimes that ranged from a couple of hours to a couple of days. The worst part is i had adwords ads pointing towards the site and people would click on the ads and my site was down. So, i would lose money and even potential new readers for the site.

Lesser amount of security: Security is another problem with these cheap hosting sites that you find on Ebay or some of the forums. I remember my website being hacked and defaced as many as 3 times in a month and good thing that i had backup of everything and i could bring my site up. But, that might not be the case always especially where there is user generated content.

No Traffic management or Load management: Now, as you might know, shared web hosting involves sharing of server resources with a number of users or websites. However, sharing of server resources has to have a limit. Most of these cheap web hosting companies try and smack as many people as they can on a single server( in most cases they have a single server) and there is no load or traffic management as the professional web hosting providers have it!

So, these are some of the reasons why i refrain from buying cheap web hosting from companies that you find on ebay or other forums who offer to provide a years web hosting for less than 5$. So, believe me some more money paid to a web hosting company can lead to a lot of mental stress being taken away from you; however, you must also beware of those web hosting companies that charge exhorbitant prices per month in the wake of exclusivity!!

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