Monday, October 27, 2008

Dedicated web hosting

What is dedicated Web Hosting? A dedicated web hosting plan is in short renting out a web server at a remote location. In Dedicated Web Hosting, you can do whatever with your web server as long as it is legal; you can usually have any number of websites, running any programming language, based on any operating system using any database. You can also install custom made softwares on the system for various purposes like monitoring and evaluation of the server performance.

A dedicated web hosting can enable you to have a website which requires loads and loads of storage space or loads and loads of bandwidth. A dedicated web hosting usually comes with a dedicated IP address and hence you can have you dedicated hosting server used as a update server which can be used to update any software that you have distributed to your clients.

Ofcourse, in a dedicated hosting environment, you can have webpages or dynamic websites based on any script including Java, cold fusion to mASP.NET and PHP. You can have any operating systems that you want, provided you have license to these operating systems. Many times, dedicated hosting plans come pre-installed with an operating system.

All the control of the web server in dedicated hosting is done remotely using a Remote administration tools. You can use this tools to reboot the server, install uninstall softwares, perform various security checks and audits and loads of other things. You can also add/remove storage disks or memory to and from the server based on your requirements. The web hosting company usually does this for you since the server is at the web hosting companies location.

Ofcourse, there are some disadvantages with dedicated hosting, the main one compared to the pricing of the dedicated hosting plans. Dedicated web hosting tends to be costly as compared to shared or virtual private web hosting so you need to analyze your needs before you select upon a dedicated hosting company and a dedicated hosting server. Other area of concern is the management of the dedicated web server. Many times the web hosting companies manage the webserver with some extra cost or sometimes due to the cometitiveness of the web hosting market the management of the dedicated web server is included in the web hosting plan.

These are some of the things that should be kept in mind before buying a dedicated web hosting plan. Remember, a dedicated web hosting plan is a major investment and hence you need to be careful before buying a dedicated web hosting plan.

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