Monday, October 27, 2008

Top Web Hosting Providers

Our parent company owns about 100+ .COM domain names, which Web sites are hosted by 10+ different web hosting providers.

We wanted 10+ different web hosting providers to ensure IP diversity by having several Class C IP addresses. IP diversity was and is still an important requirement for our specific business needs.

It isn’t an easy task to find a perfect web hosting service and it’s even more difficult to find 10+ quality web hosting services that match our minimum requirements.

We spend some months trying and testing about 50+ already well ranked web hosting providers. Most of the cases, we were disappointed by the reliability aspect and by the customer services that lack of technical expertise. We were often forced to cancel the web hosting contract due to the lack of quality of the services.

Finally, after 3 months of testing and reviews, we’ve got our perfect web hosting providers. We consider them “perfect” because they match all our requirements from the time of our testing and until now. You can see the list of requirements below.

As we always like to share our knowledge to contribution in our ways to the Internet community, we will give you the list of those “perfect” web hosting services.

The list is simple and only contains the names of web hosting providers and links to their respective web sites. Some hosting services will be also added later on as well as more technical specifications. We hope it will permit you to avoid losing time and money if you have to select a web hosting provider by yourself.
Top Web Hosting Providers

HostGator (Promotion code: “JURY’ or “MUSICA’ to get $9.94 off)
U2–Web (Promotion code: “Sep-2006” to get 10% discount for life)
PolurNET Communications
Integra-Net Web Services
Others to be added later on.
Our requirements

Our minimum requirements taken into account during the evaluation phase:

Linux OS.
PHP (at least version 4).
mySQL DB (at least version 4).
Graphical Control Panel.
E-mail services (POP3, SMTP, e-mail forwarders, e-mail aliases).
Good level of reliability. At least 99.9% uptime.
Quality technical support staff. High technical knowledge and response time of maximum 12 hours.
Affordable. Less than 10 USD per month.
Enough disk space. 1 GB disk space is the perfect amount for us. In some cases, we have enough with 250 MB.
Possibility to have several domain names parked or hosted under the same account.

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