Monday, October 27, 2008

Web Hosting Hosting for open source software

Many times, i have been asked “Do we need any special type of hosting for open source software?” and I each and everytime answer no we dont; but it largely depends on the open source software or the open source script that you plan to host on your website.

Now, open source software come in all sizes and shapes right from the simple wordpress; which is a blogging platform on which this blog is based or to the most complex open source softwares based on which you can build entire social networking sites.

So, the spectrum of open source softwares or the open source scripts is large and hence you can understand that the web hosting requirements of the open source software is also very large. Hence, we have to consider the open source software into account before making any generalized conclusions.

Having written the above paragraph it is a known fact that the requirements of most open source softwares or scripts are not much and usually come under the shared hosting plans that most web hosting companies give. Most of the open source softwares are either PHP based and a few of them are PERL or CGI based. PHP is offered by any Linux based web hosting plan. Also, PERL and CGI as well as these days Ruby or Rails(RoR) is also offered by many web hosting companies in their standard shared hosting plans.

Although most open source softwares will be installed in many standard plans you need to take care of the following things before installing or upgrading your open source software.

Version: Many open source softwares work on specific versions of PHP(most of the times the latest versions). However, since open source software especially one with active developement like the PHP releases newer versions very often. Hence most web hosting companies will not upgrade to the latest version of PHP as fast and will wait until the latest version of PHP is stable and bug free. Hence, make sure the version compatibility when you install a new open source script or software or even upgrade your exsisting open source software.

Restrictions by web hosting companies: some web hosting companies put restrictions on the features of the server or even features of the programming language that you can use. This is done keeping in mind the security of the server and effective management of server resources and load balancing.You should take care of this aspect as well when installing any open source script or software. If your open source software requires any such special features it is better to go for a dedicated hosting package.

Libraries: Many open source softwares will require specific libraries which are not included in the standard web hosting packages provided by web hosting companies;so beware of what libraries are included in your web hosting package.

Databases: Make sure the database that your open source software is based on is available with your web hosting plan. Because, if you install the open source software and then you realize that the database is not supported then its a waste of time.

Hence, the above things are very essential to be taken care of while installing a open source script or open source software although most popular open source softwares are compatible with most popular web hosting plans!!!

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